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MAZI TRAVEL   was founded by able executives who have worked in the field of tourism for 28 years. Since the establishment of the company, we are deliberately specialized in upscale tourism to Greece and have vast experience in managing every aspect. We have earned a celebrated reputation due to our dedication in providing innovative ideas, exceptional service and our inherent resourcefulness.

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We live here... we know how Greece works and all that she has to offer.


Our company :  MAZI TRAVEL & EVENTS  DMC /  PCO .
Official travel  agent   EOT  License :  MH.T.E.  09.33.E.60.00.910.00
Member  <  WTOA > World tour operators   www.worldtouroperators.com  &  member of ETOA
Thessaloniki 85 Tsimiski  and  Athens  kolonou 55-59 5 floor  210 6927000  Greece 
Tel  0030 2310 238025   Fax 0030 2310 238910   mail info@mazi.travel


MAZI TRAVEL & EVENTS  Accreditation
Member of the European Tour Operators Associaton.    
Member of the Hellenic association of travel and tourist Agencies. ΗΑΤΤΑ
Member of the Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fully licensed by the Greek National Tourism organisation 

Αδεια EOT  : EOT Licence No:09.33.E.60.00.910.00

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Member WTOA  (World tour operators   www.worldtouroperators.com )


Ένωση Τουριστικών Γραφείων Μακεδονίας Θράκης

Member Of Association of Tourist Agencies of Macedonia



 Member Of Member Of Pacific Asia Travel Association



Our Company  takes a customized approach from concept and design through flawless operation for every one of our clients. Perception, Execution and People define our philosophy.

Perception: We specialize in the development of creative programs and events making sure that all needs and motivational objectives are met from the initial stage of program.

Execution: With our long experience and valuable relations, we attend every single detail, manage logistics, operate proactively and supervise, ensuring the best performance – execution of program.

People: Our experienced team is our strongest component and partners with our clients from the very first step extending knowledge, strategy, expertise, personality, commitment.

Is our asset….A talented team of professionals who inspire our work, commit to our values, grow business and support our vision…

Our staff is multilingual, has long experience in tourism and fulfills the higher standards and expectations in hospitality and travel business.


Quality Subcontracting

One of our key standards is to select the right subcontractors for the quality of their product, their understanding of our requirements and their morality. Our reputation, financial asset and the repeat volume of business allows us to contract at very competitive prices. Feedback from staff and clients is a permanent quality control tool that enables us to react and make any necessary adjustments.


Our role as destination specialists is to suggest innovative, unusual, challenging, and yet feasible programs that never exceed the resources of our destination. All our new products and exclusive events are thoroughly rehearsed and tested before being finally operated.


We know that staffing makes a world of difference between an acceptable operation and a smooth, problem-free full success. Proper staffing is the key to operational perfection and is a necessity to anticipate needs and handle emergencies.

Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep our Clients Informed

We acknowledge receipt of messages in written or by phone right away and inform clients of response time.

Friendly and Approachable

You can hear a smile through the phone. This is very true. Our staff is friendly and courteous.

We Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy

Making sure all involved persons in a project know exactly what to do at each stage.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is of high importance not only ensuring great success of program but also shows there are real people on the other end of that screen or telephone.

Anticipate Client's Needs & Go Out Of the Way to Help Them Out

Sometimes this is easier said than done! However, achieving this supreme level of performance is always the target.

Honor Promises

When we promise something we deliver.


Customer Service

Customer service is a practiced art that takes time and effort to master. We take the time to switch roles with the customer. What would we want from our business if we were the client? How would we want to be treated? We treat our customers like friends.


Our Activities

  1. Groups
  2. Incentives
  3. Excursions
  4. City Breaks
  5. Escorted tours
  6. Transfers
  7. Hotel bookings
  8. Villa-apartments Bookings
  9. Cruises 
  10. Spa 
  11. Thematic group